About Me

My name is Jerald Harris and I’m a 20 year old sophomore at the University of Memphis majoring in Journalism and communications. I am originally from New Orleans, LA and I moved to Memphis about 6 years ago following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

403 miles symbolizes the miles from my former home in New Orleans in the Lower 9th Ward to my home now in Memphis. This blog will be the account of my life before and after Hurricane Katrina. This blog will offer insight of the mindset of a young man who had to adapt to growing up in another city that was unfamiliar grounds to him. The blog will also bring to light things about New Orleans that the average person may not know. New Orleans is a very lovely city with lots of attractions and rich culture for everyone to enjoy. From the food to the music, it’s a real nice place to tour and soak in the culture and traditions of the city.
The inspiration for this blog comes from my brother, my reporting professor, and my reporting class. Many people don’t know firsthand about the struggles and hardships that were going on during that time and it’ll be my mission to enlighten you on those. The intentions of the blog will not be for sympathy but to just tell my story and the story of others.


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